TempleDAO (English)



Temple does not rely on external data sources, so no oracles are implemented in the protocol.


There is no significant risk of frontrunning for Temple or its users. The Temple AMM implements max slippage settings according to the Uni V2 protocol, which severely limits profitability of frontrunning to the point of preventing outstanding sandwich attacks for users swapping tokens or adding liquidity. Additionally, Temple Core vaults unlock all entries at the same time, so any selling frontrunning from the same vault is negated.

Flash Loans

Temple is designed such that flash loans do not present an existential risk and are not harmful to the protocol.
If we had an AMO that automatically sold farming assets to top up the defend contract, then a sufficiently large TEMPLE sell could cause us to unnecessarily liquidate farming assets. This would trigger an arbitrage opportunity using a flash loan to purchase temporarily discounted farming assets. Since we do not have this set up, this type of flash loan attack is not possible.
Each TEMPLE token is backed by at least IV amount (~0.65 currently) in stablecoins. TEMPLE is also not available to borrow. If this was not the case, theoretically, someone could borrow TEMPLE, and sell into Temple Defend, triggering a bank run and subsequent arbitrage opportunity.
Temple Core is also not exposed to a flash loan attack. Since vaults require funds to be locked for a minimally 28-day period, loans cannot be returned within the same block.