Welcome to the Temple
In a world of volatility the Temple founders meditated on an answer to the question: “How do we create a low-risk, best-in-market DeFi solution for investors?”
They saw the same destructive boom and bust cycle in DeFi recurring over and over again. They believed that the typical DeFi experience for investors was too volatile, with too much inherent risk. This volatility and risk was largely due to the shortage and shortcomings of available products and offerings on the market rather than the intrinsic nature of DeFi itself. There was a noticeable void in the market that had yet to be filled.
To fill this void, TempleDAO was born.
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Pillars of the Temple

TempleDAO is innovating on three fronts, or pillars, as we sometimes call them:
  • DeFi: Offering DeFi users a safe place to park their assets, spared from both volatility and fiat-inflation.
  • Metaverse: Offering DAOs and other projects tools and services to help gamify elements of their products, boosting community engagement.
  • DAO Structure: Developing a DAO structure that optimizes for productivity, talent-discovery, and talent-retention.

Who is behind TempleDAO

TempleDAO was founded by a few anonymous characters spread across the globe and has evolved into a team of over 70 contributors.
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