Welcome to the Temple
In a world of volatility and instant gratification, the Temple of long-term wealth creation is where Templars come to stake, sleep easy, and chill. TempleDAO aims to offer DeFi users steady-growing, low-volatility assets, and help DAOs re-imagine their products with gamified ‘metaverse’ experiences.

Pillars of the Temple

TempleDAO is innovating on three fronts, or pillars, as we sometimes call them:
  • DeFi: Offering DeFi users a safe place to park their assets, spared from both volatility and fiat-inflation.
  • Metaverse: Offering DAOs and other projects tools and services to help gamify elements of their products, boosting community engagement.
  • DAO Structure: Developing a DAO structure that optimizes for productivity, talent-discovery, and talent-retention.

Who is behind TempleDAO

TempleDAO was founded by a few anonymous characters spread across the globe and has evolved into a team of over 70 contributors.
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