Types of Work in Temple
Work within TempleDAO generally falls into three categories:
  • JAMs are community-driven initiatives. The JAM work construct encourages organic, bottom-up ideation and exploration of ideas. Anyone can propose an idea for a JAM, and likewise anyone can participate in JAMs that are approved by a ranking member. JAM projects approved for execution are generally managed by Disciples.
  • Enclave Releases are Enclave-specific initiatives that are usually components of larger Temple Releases. These projects are initiated from the top down and managed by Masters and Initiates with specific KPIs that need to be met.
  • Temple Releases are larger scope, org-wide projects initiated from the top down. As mentioned above, some of the work is generally split into chunks and delegated to Enclaves based on their areas of expertise. Temple Releases are found under a dedicated section of the Discord visible only to Guardians, Acolytes, Disciples, Initiates, and Masters.
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