The purpose of sub-vaults is to ensure that there is always at least one entry/exit window open for users to deposit assets. Each sub-vault is identical to the other except that the entry/exit window and lock window start at different times.
Note: You do not need to choose which sub-vault to enter. The protocol will do that for you based on when you deposit your tokens. You can visualize this by looking at the animation below:
In this example, the 1 month vault has 4 sub-vaults.
Sub-vault A opens first for one week as per its entry/exit window. After that, sub-vault A will stay locked for the next three weeks. While you cannot deposit more tokens into sub-vault A, this means you still have the opportunity to deposit tokens for the next three weeks into sub-vaults B, C, and D.
At the end of week 4, sub-vault A will open again, and the whole process repeats.
User’s may also deposit tokens into multiple sub-vaults if they choose. In the example below, a user deposited 29 $TEMPLE into sub-vault A, and a further 100$ TEMPLE into sub-vault E.
Visually you will also see markers for both deposits on the timeline.
You can glean all the information on sub-vaults via the ”Timing” page ( see “How to Check Remaining Vesting period for sub-vaults” ).
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