Depositing with Faith
  1. 1.
    If you also have Faith in your wallet, select “Temple & FAITH” or “OGTEMPLE & FAITH” on the STAKE screen to deposit both assets.
  2. 2.
    Enter the amount of $TEMPLE or $OGTEMPLE you would like and the protocol will calculate and display your additional bonus $TEMPLE based on how much you have chosen to deposit into the vault.
  3. 3.
    Click Stake and approve the transaction in Metamask
Note: FAITH redemption is a one-time action. If you choose to redeem your FAITH, ALL of your FAITH is burned. FAITH will not be used again in the future.
Users’ deposits will be locked at the time of entry for the duration of the vault cycle.
At launch users will be able to deposit $TEMPLE + FAITH or $OGTEMPLE + FAITH into the vault. Be sure to enter with a number of $TEMPLE or $OGTEMPLE that is at least 133% of your FAITH total to maximize your bonus $TEMPLE reward (see FAITH optimizer here).
To learn more about FAITH, please read this article.
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