Vault Revenue Distribution
With a fundamental understanding of how base revenue is allocated to vaults, let’s now take a closer look at what happens when it’s time to distribute it to users.

Conversion To $TEMPLE

As we’ve established, users receive their final revenue share in the form of $TEMPLE tokens. But the base revenue earned by each vault is made up of multiple different tokens, which must be liquidated to $TEMPLE. To accomplish this, all base revenue is first liquidated to $FRAX, and from that $FRAX, $TEMPLE tokens are bought via the AMM and distributed.
In combination with appropriate Temple Growth policy specs, this method ensures that new $TEMPLE is only minted when price is sufficiently high.


Users receive their final revenue share directly into the vault(s) they are staked in, automatically adding to their staked $TEMPLE holdings. This means that no additional transactions are required if they choose to keep their $TEMPLE staked for another vault lock term and rewards auto-compound in that instance.
An individual user’s final revenue share is a percentage of the vault, determined by the weighting of their staked holdings relative to the total holdings staked in the vault.

Claiming & Unlocking

When users are ready to claim $TEMPLE from a vault, they may do so within the entry/exit window of any vault lock term. The amount of $TEMPLE claimed is up to the user, and any unclaimed $TEMPLE will remain in the vault and continue to earn revenue as described. Any $TEMPLE not claimed within the entry/exit window will be locked again for the duration of the next vault lock term.
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