Vault Multiplier
The vaults are designed to balance between flexibility and yield. i.e The higher the flexibility of being able to liquidate and claim rewards on demand, the lower the share of the rewards.
This is managed via multipliers. The longer the lock term, the bigger the multiplier.
Longer term vaults have a greater share of the generated tokens, while shorter term vaults have a lesser share. Therefore, users who stake into the longer vaults will earn a higher yield.
For illustrative purpose only:
  • Vault 1 (1 month lock) = no multiplier
  • Vault 2 (multi-month lock) = 1.1x multiplier
  • Vault 3 (multi-month lock) = 1.3x multiplier
Multi-month lock vaults also allow for more advanced strategic plays in the form of reinvestment strategies designed to boost your revenue even further.
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