Vault Base Revenue Share
With the vault weight calculated, we can determine the percentage of total base revenue allocated to each vault using the formula:
Worked Example: The base revenue will then be apportioned to the 3 vaults as follows:
This gives us the percentage share that each vault is entitled to out of the total reward pool.
Depending on how much $TEMPLE you locked in a given vault, you will earn a portion of that revenue.
Worked Example: Imagine the total revenue in the revenue pool at month end is $10,000, then the share for each vault as per the example above is
  • Vault 1 = $10,000 x 29.4% = $2940
  • Vault 2 = $10,000 x 32.4% = $3240
  • Vault 3 = $10,000 x 38.2% = $3820
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