TempleDAO (English)

How Does Temple Work?

The TempleDAO protocol has shifted away from the yield token model and introduced the concept of revenue sharing vaults. This vehicle enables $TEMPLE holders to harness the investment power of Temple’s treasury and earn a share of the revenue that it generates simply by locking $TEMPLE into the vault(s) of their choosing.
Even as TempleDAO continues to evolve, the core tenets have not changed
  • Stake and Chill - TempleDAO allows users to stake their $TEMPLE and passively grow their investments.
  • Sustainable Yield - TempleDAO must ensure that the returns are sustainable, regardless of market movements.
  • Golden Mean - The TEMPLE protocol sits between highly volatile degen coins and low risk low yield stable coins.
In the following sections we will go through each core Temple mechanic (with worked examples where possible) to help you understand how it all fits together