Automated Market Maker (AMM)

An automated market maker (AMM) is a type of decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol that relies on a mathematical formula to price assets (e.g. Uniswap, Sushiswap). AMMs are used for trading trustlessly and can also be used to provide liquidity through the creation of liquidity pools that contain popular token pairings.

AMM Price

The market price at which the $TEMPLE tokens are freely tradable on decentralized exchanges (DEX or AMMs, i.e. Automated Market Maker).

Annual Percentage Yield (APY)

The variable rate of return earned on an investment with periodic compounding interest (daily, weekly, etc), not to be confused with APR which is the fixed interest rate for the period annualised by multiplying by the number of periods in a year.


A role given to Nitro boosters in Discord.

Call to Prayer

TempleDAO’s ongoing community call / AMA that happens every second Sunday at 3pm PST / 6pm EST can be attended live on Discord. Templars who cannot attend the Call to Prayer can find the recordings on the TempleDao soundcloud and the notes on the Codex.
Circulating Supply
The number of TEMPLE tokens that are claimable from the staking contract, in the ExitQueue contract, in the TempleCashback contract, in the AMM LP pool or in user-owned wallets.

Epoch Percentage Yield (EPY)

EPY is the yield distributed to TEMPLE stakers each epoch. An epoch is simply a period of time, currently set to 1 day. Yield is compounded with each epoch.
If the EPY is 1%, (meaning every day Templars’ staked TEMPLE grows by 1%), then the APY (annual percentage yield) is 1.01^365 = 3678%.

Fully-Diluted Supply

The total amount of TEMPLE tokens ever minted. This includes future staking rewards to be distributed to users, DAO tokens, bonus rewards to be distributed during Temple Devotion, and TEMPLE to be added to the liquidity pool.

Intrinsic Value (IV)

Intrinsic Value (IV)is a smart contract value for the Temple price at which the protocol is guaranteed to buy back tokens sold on the AMM (ie Floor Price). Simply put, IV is the AMM Price floor. Over a threshold price, as the treasury grows, so does IV.


@Observance is always watching. High quality chats of all kinds from all channels are Observed. They say the perspective of the divine is hard to understand. It’s unlikely we will ever come to understand the exact criteria @Observance uses to weigh Templars. Some say it is unfathomable and automatic. Perhaps magic.


OGTEMPLE is staked TEMPLE. When users stake their TEMPLE tokens, they receive OGTEMPLE in exchange at a certain ratio. For example, if the ratio of TEMPLE to OGTEMPLE is 2, then for every 2 TEMPLE staked, 1 OGTEMPLE is received.
Over time, as yield is distributed to stakers, this ratio grows, meaning more TEMPLE can be redeemed by unstaking OGTEMPLE. This is exactly how other staked tokens work (e.g., gOHM, xSUSHI, sSPELL).
OGTemple token balance doesn’t increase, but the amount of Temple Tokens that one can redeem with it goes up every day. The TEMPLE/OGTEMPLE ration can be found on the Temple Staking Dune Dashboard.

Opening Ceremony

The Opening Ceremony is a ritual that offers all Templars the opportunity to accomplish a multi-chain quest to be able to sacrifice $FRAX and receive $TEMPLE tokens.

Risk-Free Value

The claim users have for each TEMPLE token they own if the protocol were to distribute all its assets to the community.


The number of days that the Staking rewards pool can sustain with the current EPY.


The act of depositing tokens into a reward contract to receive future emissions. A traditional finance example of this is a savings account or a term deposit. A stake may be locked for a certain period of time, or unlocked meaning you can withdraw at any time.

Temple Cleric

The Temple Cleric is an FAQ bot. It is available in most channels. There are several ways you can get answers from the Temple Cleric:
/ask + question number
/ask + your question

TEMPLE with claims on RFV

All the tokens in the Circulating Supply minus the tokens in the AMM LP pool.

Threshold Price

The price above which a fraction of each buy is routed to the treasury. The threshold price is dynamic, going up as the AMM price goes up, and slowly decreasing if the AMM price is below it.


The treasury (or reserve) are the assets that back the TEMPLE token ($TEMPLE). New tokens can only be minted as long as the treasury keeps growing. It is initially composed of $FRAX tokens and other stablecoins. In the future the protocol aims to diversify its assets and revenue streams from partnership-driven yield farming, new staking products, and an NFT-based metaverse economy.


!verified members of the TempleDAO community. They gather in the TempleDAO discord server, believe in the Temple’s guiding principles and ethos. Templars contribute to the community and help one another. They particularly enjoy !praying together while they “stake and chill”.


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