The Enclaves
The Temple Enclaves are the new social structure via which the Temple will be managed. Each Enclave will uphold certain principles and manage different areas of the Temple. Members will choose the Enclave with the temperamental qualities they resonate with. There are five different Enclaves in the Temple.


Those that thrive on disorder, trolling, social media, Discord engagement, and naturally create an uncontrollable fire that spreads into all areas of the Temple will find their home in the Enclave of Chaos.
- Twitter
- Discord
- Marketing raids
- Meme wars


Those that awake in the middle of the night and create music, art, memes, video, sacred poetry or metaverse landscapes that land a sacred space deep within the Temple halls will find their circle inside the Enclave of Mystery.
  • Lore
  • Ritual DApp design
  • Ritual Metaverse Builds
  • Ritual video production
  • TempleDao.link DApp design
  • Medium & infographic visual design
  • Meme wars


Those that are inspired by the ever evolving discussions of product talk, monetary policy, data driven tools that inform the mechanics of our contracts, governance model and ritual system will find their peers in the Enclave of Logic.
  • Policy Discussion
  • Analytics & Modelling
  • Treasury Investment
  • Roadmap R&D
  • Gitbooks documentation
  • Medium & infographic explainers
  • Protocol Market Research
  • Legal Advice


Those that love to build, automate, and implement systems, who push the boundaries of smart contract, 3D experiences, and Discord to Chain integration will know their own kind in the Enclave of Structure.
  • Front End
  • Smart Contracts
  • Discord to Chain


Those that see the steps and processes to keep the Temple moving towards its sacred destination, who find great joy in organising the Temple works and orchestrating rituals will be warmly welcomed in the Enclave of Order.
  • HR/Recruiting
  • Onboarding
  • Support Team (Discord/Telegram)
  • Administration