There are six main roles in TempleDAO:


Masters are responsible for the overall vision and operations of TempleDAO. They set the roadmap and priorities. They oversee and direct the work of Disciples and Initiates. The Masters are tasked with putting Initiates and Disciples in a position to excel and do the most good. The primary responsibility of a Master is to serve all Templars, weigh the risks and opportunities of DAO actions, allocate Temple resources appropriately, and deliver maximum value to stakeholders through prudent partnerships, treasury growth, and ecosystem expansion.


Initiates are primarily project managers who are responsible for delivering a work product or achieving a goal. They are responsible for moving a project through the three stages of ideation, specification, and execution. These are Team Members who can help Masters execute enclave-wide or organization-wide initiatives and lead a team of Disciples. They may be highly skilled in their craft, but that's not the primary consideration. For example, an amazing artist in Enclave of Mystery may be paid for her work, but wouldn't automatically become Initiate just because she is highly skilled.


Disciples are proven, highly valuable contributors to Temple projects and chambers. These are Team Members who can help an Initiate or Master complete a project, or they may be assigned to lead and complete a project of smaller scope on their own. Typically, a Disciple will be asked to work as part of a team of Members and Acolytes.


Acolytes are members who have proven themselves to not only be highly skilled in their area(s) of expertise, but also to be reliable, consistent, and trustworthy. Acolytes frequently contribute to Enclave-specific projects, but are also able to contribute to broader Temple initiatives.


Guardians are community members who serve as moderators in the text/voice channels. Armed with the power to kick and mute, the Temple Guardians answer questions, keep discussions on track, and are regularly present. The Guardians also surface support issues to Disciples and above.


Watchers are a trial-based team member who is able to contribute to Enclave-specific projects or broader Temple initiatives. Being trial-based, this role will have a pre-defined period whereby after the time frame elapses, a Watcher can be renewed for another cycle, be promoted to Acolyte, or the role can be removed and they can descend back to Member.


Members are Templars who have elected to join an Enclave that aligns with their skill set or affinity. Members may be a specialist or an expert in an area or study particular to an Enclave. They may be simply a fan or would like to learn more. Energetic or talented Members may be tasked with helping Disciples or Initiates on an Enclave or TempleDAO initiative. Good performers may be entitled to payment bounties or receive special consideration for promotions.