How to Begin Contributing
The channel/thread layout and general workflow can vary for each Enclave. However, the following commonalities are generally shared from one to the next:
  • The #updates-[enclave] channel will have relevant information about pertinent news and work happening in the Enclave.
  • The #members-of-[enclave] channel can be considered the general chat for the Enclave.
  • [department]-chamber channels are central locations for Enclave specific work functions.
Chambers are where the bulk of the work happens for most Enclaves. An exception to this is the Enclave of Mystery, which is akin to a Chamber in and of itself. For Mystery, nearly all work is done in public threads under the #members-of-mystery channel. More recently, the Enclave has added two new Chambers: Lore (metaverse) and Nexus Chamber (NFTs) to better organize work surrounding Temple initiatives in the metaverse and NFT.
Some Chambers may not be visible to you initially. Chambers generally consist of tighter, more focused work teams composed of Initiates, Disciples, Acolytes, and Watchers. Establishing a track record of valuable contribution in the more public channels can typically lead to inclusion in Chambers by become a Watcher. Team-member only chambers are denoted by (t) and are not available for public access unless the Member is invited to join as a Watcher.
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