Chamber Structure

What are Chambers?

Nested within each Enclave are Chambers. Chambers act as functional units of the organisation. You should think of Chambers like project teams, where the team lead is the MC and members are the contributors. Each Chamber has a goal that guides its work which is usually recurring.
For example, the Marketing Chamber exists within the Enclave of Chaos, because Chaos is responsible for social media, discord engagement, and external communication.

Why do Chambers exist?

TempleDAO wants to create opportunities for people to move into the different parts of the Temple and contribute in meaningful ways. Chambers are one aspect of the evolution of the governance structure within the Temple, whereby each small functional group has ownership over decision making on their project. Instead of trying to have every single Templar be involved in every decision on every topic within the DAO, Temple seeks to compartmentalise this process by creating empowered Chambers that can make decisions over their area of expertise or passion.

How can I participate in a Chamber?

In order to become part of a team, you should participate in Chamber discussions throughout the TempleDAO discord. For example, if you are interested in analytics, you should head over to the Analytics chamber within the Enclave of Logic and participate in discussions. Chambers will include every member of a team working on any given project, so to be on a team, you must be in a Chamber.

Where can I find Chambers?

Each Chamber will have a discord channel where members can collaborate and work on executing the project. To find new chambers, simply go to each Enclave in the TempleDao discord and see which ones are available for you to participate in.