How to Claim TEMPLE
  1. 1.
    Go through the Exit Room portal as shown on the right. [This area is labeled as ‘Exit’ when hovering the cursor over this section.]
2. If you participated in Fire Ritual or Opening Ceremony, you can unlock and claim your locked $OGTemple here by clicking the Unlock column (this will be possible after the 6 week period from your original buy transaction). Claiming will not unstake your $OGTemple (it just transfers the token into your wallet), but if you wish to just stake and chill you don’t have to claim until you want to sell or lock for bonus APY in Devotion.
2. After clicking on the ‘Unlock’ column, you will be presented with the dialogue box below. Each row will display the amount of $OGTemple that you may claim if you were locked for Fire Ritual or Opening Ceremony. Once the date/time for each of your claims is reached, the Claim button will light up. You may now claim your $OGTemple. If you do not have any OGTemple from Opening Ceremony or Fire Ritual, the box will tell you that you have nothing to claim.
From here, you may proceed to the Exit Queue via the pop-up menu. Alternatively, exit this menu and click on the column directly to the right of the ‘Unlock’ column (2nd column from the left, highlighted in the red box for this guide)
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